About Us

Radix Media worker-owners. From Left to Right: Sarah Lopez, Lantz Arroyo, Nicholas Hurd

About Radix Media

Radix Media is a worker-owned and operated union print shop and publisher based in Brooklyn, New York, offering offset, letterpress, digital, and wide format printing services, as well as foil stamping and die-cutting. We print business cards, annual reports, posters, banners, signage, invitations, and much more.

We also offer graphic design services ranging from logo creation and asset design to full book layout. Our name comes from the Latin root of the word "radical" which means to get to the root.

From the very beginning, we have been dedicated to keeping the printed word alive. It is what moves us, what motivates us, what pushes us to come to work in the morning, every single day. Browse our portfolio and see the many projects we have brought to life.

Print matters. Take your project to the next level and let your dreams soar.


"I have trusted Radix Media's worker-owned shop since the beginning of my campaign for printing campaign posters and palm cards, and they remain my go-to print shop. Radix Media is part of New York City's solidarity economy, which is meaningful to me as a person trying to invest in local, democratically run businesses."

—Council Member Sandy Nurse


“I have worked with many print shops during my career and the service and care that Radix takes with our projects is absolutely unparalleled. They are fast, responsive, affordable, and their customer service feels like working with actual human beings who care deeply about their work and craft, instead of dealing with a faceless company. Working with Radix, I love that I can both support a cooperative worker-owned business and still receive an extraordinary level of service and quality.”

—Samantha Yost, Multimedia and Communications Manager


"Equality for Flatbush (E4F) has been working with Radix Media since 2016. They have created flyers, banners, protest signs, and props for large demonstrations that have visually elevated our organizing work. While they are incredibly professional and efficient printers, they also care deeply about the grassroots movements in NYC. We publicly refer to Radix Media as our 'political allies and part of the 'E4F family'."

—Imani Henry, Founder of Equality for Flatbush


"I’ve used Radix for postcards, flyers, mailers, banners, posters, and more. Every job has been done to perfection. As a designer, I encourage all of the groups and organizations I work with to use Radix because they are dependable, detail oriented, and owned by the people who do the work."

—Josh MacPhee, Graphic Design Professional


"I came across Radix Media while searching online for a printer with capabilities to produce a letterpress book cover. When I discovered that they are worker-owned, unionized, and located in Brooklyn, I had to work with them! Beyond their incredible work in printing two beautiful books for me, they guided me through the design and typesetting which was invaluable. I can't speak highly enough about the team at Radix Media. Not only for their work as printers, but as publishers and as a business model all conscious businesses should strive for: provide quality service without sacrificing ethics all while prioritizing labor."

—Luz Emma Cañas, Madrigal Publishing


"I love working with Radix! They not only provide friendly, fast, and excellent printing services, but they are also incredible creative collaborators and dedicated comrades. Together we’ve created beautiful and impactful protest posters and banners (sometimes on a moment’s notice!), as well as countless educational and promotional materials."

—Elizabeth Koke, Creative Director, Housing Works


"I've enjoyed working with Radix since 2014, and will continue to do so forever! They regularly print postcards and other printed materials for my business, and also made the most beautiful invitations for my wedding. Their quality and attention to detail, as well as their work ethic and business ethos, are what won me over immediately. They're always able to collaborate to smooth out any details with a project and ensure it looks its best. I recommend them to anyone I know who needs printing done—large jobs or small, they're always up for the task."

—Helen Levi