Banner & Oversize Poster FAQ

  • Our preferred file type is a high resolution PDF or TIFF. We do not accept JPG, PNG, or GIF files.
  • All print-ready images should be 300dpi at the finished size. Less than that may severely affect image quality.
  • All color images should be set to CMYK. If you send us RGB images, they will be automatically converted to CMYK, and there may be a color shift. For more information on RGB vs. CMYK, please see our Placing an Order FAQ.
  • If your document has a bleed, it must extend the finished size by 0.25″ on all sides. If you do not know what a bleed is, please see our Placing an Order FAQ.
  • All text must be within 0.25″ from the edge of the sheet. Please note, this is measured from the edge of the finished size, not the bleed margin.
  • Send all pieces at their proper finished sizes, plus the bleed, if applicable.
  • Send all files with no printer’s marks whatsoever, and no imposition. Please include your bleed margin.
  • If sending Adobe Illustrator files, please outline all fonts and embed all images before sending.
  • If sending Adobe InDesign files, use the File -> Package function to collect all of the fonts and images. If you do not do this, your project will not open properly on our computer.